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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  October 11, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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game losiig homerun natsddddhe do it again? he did! divisional seeiis in the playythat cost them the game... and what thhy have to do to ssill hhveea shot at the world series. and... the career that's hiring rateeis at a six year high. 3 3 3 3thursday, october 11th. 3
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3 3
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3 3 out of norrh east baltimore ws - rips through a home ... killing five. four of those victims were children... and several others are injured.megaa gilliland is llve on thh sceee ight now wherr fireecrews are still
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searching the home. good morning guyy,we're live along denwooo avenue...where a huge ffre broke out early this mornnng... killing five people. we've now learned hat four &pthem least thhee others were also injured. injured.when ccews aarived tood one perssn had no chooce but to jump from a econd more victims... fell throuuhh tte second story floorr.. all bassmenn... and landdd on another fire ighter.they're both at theehospiial nnw, but are expected to be the rescce efforts continuud... fire ccews found five boddes this hour... there's -
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no word onnwho these victims eachother. ad lib... live in northeast ad lib... live in northeaattbaltimore, i'm megan gilllland, fox45 two firefighters are hurt battling aablaae in southeast happenne just before 1:30 this morning in a home oo boosail treet near boston irefighter puffered 2nd degreeebuunsstoo his ace... the other hadd word on a cause.we sent a photographer to the scene nd & you eexctll what the scene shhw llokk likee we're learning mmre this morning about how a carr donated tt help needy childden ended up iinthe ands oo
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crimmnals... and left the original owner facing a fine from the city. city.anggla cobb and her hussand onated their car to "kkrs-4-kidss... a non-pprfii orggnizatton ttat heeps raise &pmoney to benefit jewish children in need.a -representt told fox 45 that theecar was ssld last november by ""uto auction of bbltimore."the persso who bought it reportedly neeer ook thee steps to register it or transfer the title.the car was illegally driven around &pballimore and whennpolice pagg were fake...theyy ticketed, towed and impounded &pphough the car doesn't belong to thhm anymore. p3:42:43 this receipt we have right here from kkrs4kids it 13:43:08 it hhs the vin number identtfying thh car. that should work.. work.. kars-4-kids has rrmiied to
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ccver any costs the obbs maa &pend up paying and to go after &pphe mmn who bought the car. an anne arundel county woman almmst 100-thouand dollars - from an insurance claiming her son was 32-year-old shhrley rae owens gave birth to twins back in 2007, and at first, one child then prosecutors say she kept filing claims... evennthough theechild didn't need &padditiooal hoopital stays. owens willlbe sentenccd early next year, and cculd ace up po ffve years in priisn. 3 we'll learn more today... about a state audit off baltimore schools. a preliminary report uncovers numerous allegatiinn of overspending.according to the baltimore sun... 3 employees earned 250-thousand dollars while working forrthe school and 14-hundred computers went missing. (mayor) "this is dr. alonso's bear the responsiblityyof he 3
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assuring that the money that schools issspent wisely."r wiiely."again... thh finaa staaeeauditton city schooll 3 several maryland lawmakers will bb ii college park todaa... for a ralll in pupport of same-sex marriage. and delegate heathhr mizeur are two of the lawmakers expected to speak at today's evvnt on the university of maryland ampus.they'll encourage sttdents to vvtt in favor of question 66 ome november.the latesttpools show the ddcisioo shoold be close the vice presidential candidates are gearing up for their first ann nly debate tonight.andrew ssencer hassa pr. prevvew. 3&tte showdown betwwen vicee &ppresident joeebidee and congressmaa paul ryan takes place at centre college in danville,,kentucky tonight. aides, improvised sessions on
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his plane, aad mockkdebates inn hotels all aaound tth country. half preppinggin st. nn a petersburr, floridd this week. question: congreesmann you reedy ffr tomorrow nnght?ryan: hey everrbody..i am. i feel &pgood bout it.questton: how did debate prep go?ryan: it went ell.ryan eeccibed what he'' up against in a joe biden has bben doing this for a long tiie. he ran for sitting vice president. hh's been on this big stage mann timms before, so that's new for me nd i'm just doiig my homework and studying the issues and i'll know hhw he'll &pcome and attacc s. the problem he has s, he has tighter-lipped hhad offthe in iowa last week:all debates are tough but i'm looking ffrward to it.what 've been doing mostty, quite frankky, is studying up on congressmaa ryan's positionn on the issues and gov. romney has embraced at least everytting i can see.
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iidon'ttwant to say anytting in the debate that's not completeey accuratt.i'm andrew spencer reporting. the debate comes on the heels of last week'ssfirst presidential debate. the next presiddntial debate takks place n tuesday. 3 after a 12th inning loss to the yankees... it all comes down to tonight.morran adsit the players are aying about situation tonight.ust-win tonight. ((taae pkg)) 3
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the u-s anti-dopinggagency
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sayssii now has an overwhelming amount of armstrong... and the cycling team hh rode with. on wednesday... the agency released the findings of iis report... which includes mooe than a thousand pages of evidence and sworn sttteeents by 26 saaddthe 7-time tour de france chhmpion was nvolved in quote "the most ssphisticated, &pprofessionnlizeddand successful doping program" in the sport. armstrong has denied ever using perffrrance- ennancing drugs. convicted murderer, dree peteeron... is asking for a new trial. trial.the former chicago sentencing... for the murder g of his third ife, kathleen savio. peterson's request for a nnw trial is based on ineffective assistance of his lawyer.he claims his attorney repeatedll lled to him... and told him to seek as muchh puulicity as possible.nnw... his new attorney is speaaing &pout. "dii that fighting between unfair result in your pinion??3
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"we elieve so, and yes ourr could've hurr him yes." suspect in the disappearrnce n - &ppeterson.his sentencing ii se pfr next month. awyer for conrad murray says jail is creaaiin health -. murray... who was convicted of pichael jacksoo's death... was pars with the possibility of parooe.but because of his notoriett... murray hhs beee isolated ii his attornny is complaining that murray's 55by---foot cell is so cramped... it sentthhm to thhehospital with shoulder pain aan lood flowwppoblems. solution... which could native - include monitooed home -&confi. coming up on the early edition... keeping homes warm pinter.the major surge in energy costs people across the pountry are expected to see. 33 3((break 1)) 3
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a cold winter is expected... and that means a big spike in heating bblls. bblls. according o aa ew report by the energy information admmnnstration... homes using peating oil wwll hit a record high... with a 20-percent expected to ee bills that are 15-percent higher. ((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist))
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-3 &p((traafic repooter aa libs)) 3map liberty mmp 43 map
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3 &p3 still to come... an early morning fire claims several liv. lives.the ongoing search inside the northeast baltimore homes... for more victims.
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exxanding gambling across maryland.the surge in and the enter that can hell people deal with the problem. &p((break 2)) 3
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& with the growing number of
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casinos ii maryland...exxerts say a rise in gambling pddiction is aasureebet. the new pprgram that's offering help. &p3 continues to grow... soodoos r - the need ffr help... for those &pwhose luck has run out. natt university of maryland school of medicine recently openedd its new center on problem pambling. accordinn to of gambling addiction.dr. oo 33 chris welsh/university of for ddfffrent people but rent - really the bbotomline is that a fun distraction but it'ss having somm ssrt of a negative impact in your life 06 with a centtr wwll provideeálocalá he - the natiooal ggmbbing hotliie. joannn franklin/center on probbem gambling: 4752 they'vv got a trained professional to take the caal 24/7, and then refer them tooclinicans that
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help people who have gambling to classrooms. the center's other focus is addressing the problem in young people. 4807 a lottof states don't pay attention to teenagees and the youth today being rrisee with gambllng messagessall around them 15 they have at least double the aduut prevalence &prate. 11 so it's ottgoong to close to 7 percent for the kids at a minimum 23ann with add table games... ooficialss worry the need for help... may only get more urgent. 5134 we do knnw that should it pass, we'll find more problem gamblers, not ten tons, but they'll be bit of a jump up, but theegood news thht goes more help 47 to find out more about thee center on problem gambling and the hotline... just go to our web ite... fox baltimore-dot-- straight ahhad... good news for teacherr.
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for hiring. lives claimed in tte blaze.e - ((break )) [ female announcer ] send a loved one a free kleenex® care pack of soothing essentials. go to and enter the code
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from specially-marked bundles of kleenex® tissues. because only america's softest tissue turns a gesture into a complete gift of care. so let me tell you what i know:k about question seven... if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven. teachhng obs are making
5:26 am ata shows hiring &pin that sector is at a 6-year pigh.alison kosik has mooeeon &pwhat's drivinn this spurt. teachers and parents may have ttousand obs between july nd september. that's according to theebureau of labor staaistics.. andditts he strongest summer hiring since yeaas of layoffss.hese jobs include not only teachers, but also librarians, guidance counseeors and janitorssall this comms as state and looal &pgovernment budgets slowly &precover as well.but some ssy the increase may not be enough tookeep up wwth the growing four yeers leading up tt july, 3 public school nrollment was
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projected to grow by about 377,000 studenns. in order to had to hire abouu 62,000 wwrkers. instead, the eeonomic policy institute says laid off. bbt even with the huge demand or teechers, many experts fear ttii new waveeof hirinn could ccme to annend. pt all comessdown to the election and what sttps &pmassive spendinn cuts set to &ptake efffct in 2203 -- otherwise known as the fiscal reach $4 billion dollars and - lead to thousandd of job cutt, bringgng the problem full circle again. ss thisshiring &pbbost maybe just a false sens of stability before another downward slide. i'm alison kosikkin new york. foreclooure filings... hit a 5- year low.that's good news foo market.aacording to a new peport by "rralty-ttac"... roughly 180-thousand filings were reported on properties last month.that's the lowest
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the biggest decline is een in states like california and texas. coming up... the orioles lose pllyer who ealed the win for 3
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